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and a lot of guitar lessons ( ptb , guitarPro , pdf , jpeg , midifile files .....)

July 25th - 2020

New BST 100 Super Overdrive by Nembrini Audio

July 11th - 2020

The song Overloaded is finished to mix by Nicolas Bedene
Mike Maccarron participate on drums and Jeff Kylloe on bass
New video clip is coming soon , stay in tune

June 14th - 2020

New Fortin NTS Suite by Neural DSP plugin

June 1st - 2020

Rare tab for this Yngwie's solo

May 1st - 2020

April 18st - 2020

Fast sweeping economy picking mix

April 1st - 2020

with Luxury Sin

March 1st - 2020

Happy to collaborate with
Mike MacCarron ( drums - Red Monkey / Lydian Sea / George Bellas / Severingthesystem )
and Jeff Kylloe ( bass - Wrecked / George Bellas / Severingthesystem )
Time to mix the song Overloaded
Details regarding release date will be available later.
Stay in tune.

Febuary 1st - 2020

Some tapping part from Joey Tafolla

January 1st - 2020

Happy New Year 2020 to all

December 1st - 2019

November 9th - 2019

LUXURY SIN in white & black

November 1st - 2019

Picture from LOUD Heavy Metal Tribute Band - Oliver Pub Lattes

October 20th - 2019

New gig to come with LOUD tribute heavy metal

October 14th - 2019

New gig to come with Luxury Sin

September 7th - 2019

New video Overloaded

September 1st - 2019

New amp for guitar practicing EVH 5150 Micro Stack

August 17th - 2019

Download this Guitarronica2019 album , you can listen some really great guitar players
like Derryl Gabel , Martin Goulding , Tony Smotherman ....I'm the 15th in the list with the song Overloaded
enjoy to listen

August 1st - 2019

The release of the song "Overloaded" with Guitarronica label is coming soon
Thanks to Sebastian Salinas

July 2019

Fast legato diminished triads video and tab

June 2019

Paul Gilbert shreddin' style lick added

May 2019

First contribution to Guitarratonica 2019 with Sebastian Salinas
I've recorded a new song called Overloaded in my studio , mastered at Basalte Studio
Available in June/July

More guitar lesson are coming soon

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September 2018

This month , I have written a guitar licks with really shred techniques

May 2018

Tony Dick Thunder with Luxury Sin Hard Rock Tribute Band

April 2018

Working on a new website with Wordpress for summer 2018
More audio and video files are coming soon

March 2018

Febuary 2018

An excerpt of JS Bach Choral ( recorded with 4 distinctive guitar parts )

January 2018

December 2017

Fast strict alternate picking lesson

Legato playing with tapping lesson

November 2017

Vinnie Vincent Hybrid Picking Shred Licks - B minor pentatonic blues scale with chromatisms

October 2017

Thanks to George Bellas to introduce me in his Student Spotlight

Astonishred blues lick - A minor pentatonic blues scale with chromatisms ( style Paul Gilbert )

September 2017

4 string sweeping exercice updated in the Lesson section
New George Bellas tab - Gravitons ( theme + riff guitar )
Don't forget to check a big collection of another tabs in the Tabs Section from great guitar player

August 2017

Gear page is updated with pictures
Don't forget to check a big collection of tabs in the Tabs Section from great guitar player
like George Bellas , Michael Schenker or Yngwie Malmsteen...
More lessons are coming soon

clic on the picture below to enter Luxury Sin Website

July 2017

New lives dates coming soon
with Joel Thibaudeau , Michael Carpentier and Franck Martin

June 2017

Lesson excerpt for The AstonishRed Guitar Lesson

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